JFD87: Things, Creature, The Thing

JFD offers you a vague welcome as we talk about three movies with very nondescript titles.

First up, we talk about the often-sought after so-bad-it's-good-but mostly bad "Things" from 1989. Inanimate monsters abound, featuring porn legend Amber Lynn as a news reporter.

Then, we take a look at the lowest grossing wide-release film of all time: 2011's "Creature." A rubber suit alligator man-monster stalks some kids in the bayou. Sid Haig co-stars.

Finally, we discuss the 2011 prequel (read: remake) of "The Thing." Mary Elizabeth Winstead leads a bunch of Norwegian scientists again an extraterrestrial monster that can take the form of its prey.

Note: We had some technical difficulties this week. Sorry if the audio gets a little wonky here and there.

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