JFD274: Judgment Night (full length commentary)

Can you believe we've reviewed 800 goddamn movies? Neither can we. In fact, Parker was so shocked he decided to take a week off to watch anime and left Kevin and Sean home alone to do a full-length commentary on the film you overwhelmingly voted for Judgment Night from 1993. But don't worry, we invited Shelby Cobras from Illogical Contraption over and talk over the movie with us!

This movie is about a group of early 90's Chicago bros (Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding Jr., Stephen Dorff and Jeremy Piven) who rent a tricked-out RV (complete with Nintendo Zapper and fax machine) for a dudes' night out. But when they make a wrong turn and end up in the ghetto, they witness a murder and are chased through the seemingly abandoned streets by a group of local toughs (Denis Leary, Everlast, Zed from Pulp Fiction). So grab a copy of Judgment Night and watch along with us, won't you?

WARNING: This is not a typical episode of Junk Food Dinner. This is an audio commentary. This episode is meant to be listened to while you watch Judgment Night. If you try to listen to this episode and you are not watching Judgment Night along with us, a lot of this will not make any sense.


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