JFD242: Sugar Cookies, Hollywood Boulevard, The Living End

Ho, Ho, Hot Mama! Mary Xmas, everyone! It's the most wonderful time of the year, where your three Junk Food Dinner hosts gather around the fireplace, break out the eggnog, and reflect fondly on three films starring JFD Hall of Famer, Mary Woronov. It's our first ever Mary Xmas theme show!

First up, we take a bite out of 1973's Sugar Cookies! This sleazy softcore thriller was written by a pre-Troma Lloyd Kaufman, was produced by Oliver Stone, and has a lot of boobs in it!

Next, we take a stroll down 1976's Hollywood Boulevard! Fresh out of the Roger Corman school of hard knocks, a very young Joe Dante teams up with a similarly youthful Allan Arkush to make an ultra-low-budget send-up of ultra-low-budget filmmaking! Woronov, Bartel, Miller and all your favorite from Corman's gang make appearances.

Lastly, we hit the road with the cast of 1992's The Living End! The directorial debut of Gregg Arakki, this hard-edged entry in New Queer Cinema doesn't feature a whole lot of Woronov, but it does feature Mike's Hockey Burger.

All this plus friendly banter between wits, Nerd News, The Lynn Lowry / Dark Crystal Connection, our Junky DVD picks for the week, weekly Kevin Smith updates, shiftless artist layabout types, Listener Junk Mail, sneezes, boogers and so much more!

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