JFD82: Halloween III, Lady in White, Ernest Scared Stupid

Our month-long Schlocktober madness comes to an end with our celebration of everyone's favorite holiday, Halloween.

This week, to get us in the spirit of ghouls, goblins and jack-o-lanterns we take a look at three very different Halloween-themed films.

Up first, we see what happens when they try to make a Halloween sequel without Michael Meyers, but instead, with Tom Adkins, Stacey Nelkin, killer Halloween masks, corporate Irish super villains and their cyborg henchmen, when we examine Halloween III: Season of the Witch from 1982.

Then, we debate the merits of a nostalgic ghost story involving a young boy, a murder mystery and racial tension in the 1960's when we discuss Lady in White from 1988 starring a young Lukas Haas.

And finally, that lovable goofball is back, this time battling evil trolls and hamming it up with Ertha Kitt in the 1991 childrens' Halloween comedy Ernest Scared Stupid.

All this plus witty banter between friends, listener feedback, Nerd News, DVD & Blu-ray releases, and so much more!

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  1. awesome episode!

    Parker's skewering of Lady in White had me laughing out loud. Haven't seen that movie since it first came out and remembered nothing about it except it had Mona from Who's the Boss in it.

    Also have to compliment the excellent musical choices to introduce the movies, as well as the usual instrumental bits you use over the JFD "advertisements". I know Kevin's band does the cool theme song, and Incredible Bongo Band is the outro, but can I get a heads up on the other artists/songs that you use in the ad beds?

  2. The musical interludes on this episode are:

    Donovan - "Season of the Witch" (1966)
    The Koala - "Lady Dressed in White" (1969)
    Belly - "Feed the Tree" (1993)

    Parker created the bumpers, so he'd have to tell you what the music he used for those are. I do know that the voicemail bumper uses the end credits music from "A Serbian Film".

  3. Thanks! I'm glad some pleasure could be derived from my watching of Lady in White.

    As for the music in the bumpers:
    The Corey Feldman/Facebook bumper has "Surfin Cow" by the Dead Milkmen
    The older Facebook bumper has "Dancing on our graves" by the Cave Singers
    The iTunes bumper where Bronson Pinchot is mentioned has the True Romance theme in it.
    The other iTunes bumper about sacrificing a baby has "Disengage the Simulator" (demo version) by cky.
    The twitter one has "A Christian Girl's Problems" by Gleaming Spires
    The new Pool Party Radio one has "A short History of the End of the World" by GWAR.
    And the website one has "If you must" by Del tha Funkee Homosapien.

    Listen to these while you can, because in the future all our music will be taken from A Serbian Film.

  4. Thanks for info. I've been playing that Dead Milkmen song on guitar, but didn't know what it was!

  5. Halloween III is so underrated. Love it.

    Lady in White looks boring. I'll pass.

    Ernest Scared Stupid is hilarious and fun.

  6. LADY IN WHITE is not only a great atmospheric ghost story and nostalgic loss-of-childhood-innocence film, it's also a great idyllic autumn/Halloween film. What's a matter with you people? I was happy to see that someone picked it for the Halloween show, but was saddened to hear the outcome. I'll stand by it. And I didn't see it first as a kid either.

    And at the risk of inviting further fumes upon myself, that "True Romance theme" is actually a piece by composer Carl Orff which was first and best used by Terrence Malick in BADLANDS (1973). And it's not just the music, watch BADLANDS and you'll see that TRUE ROMANCE is really just Tarantino's wholesale rip-off and juvenihilistic (coined!) exploitation pastiche xeroxing of Malick's BADLANDS; full of disturbingly over-romanticized violence and cringe-worthy wannabe cool hipster dialogue. That one's for LADY IN WHITE! Long live LIW!

    And, I love Ernest movies and do not feel silly at all watching them as an adult. Of course, I spend half my time watching kid's movies, TV shows and cartoons. They're an innocent escape from all the pretentious tomfoolery that adult egos get up to, mine included. ERNEST THE PIRATE is one of the great unmade films in my book, right alongside Welles' DON QUIXOTE, Moebius and Jodorowsky's version of DUNE, Richard Stanley's version of JUDGE DREDD and all those awesome stand-alone Halloween series movies that Carpenter could have produced for the subsequent years if the money men had let him! By the way, Nigel Kneale is actually a really cool British sci-fi/horror/fantasy scriptwriter. He was handpicked by Carpenter to pen the original draft of HALLOWEEN III, because Carpenter was a big fan of the QUATERMASS series/films, but apparently producer Dino De Laurentiis didn't like it and wanted more violence and gore.

    Also, did anyone else notice that after we talked about SPACED INVADERS and WHEN GOOD GHOULS GO BAD in the comments section under your last year's Halloween show, that Patrick Read Johnson himself (writer/director of SPACED INVADERS, WHEN GOOD GHOULS GO BAD, ANGUS and '77) came along awhile later and left a "thanks" post!? That's completely awesome in my book. I love his stuff and only wish he was given the funding to make more.


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