JFD84: The Man from Hong Kong, Big Bad Mama, Silent Rage

Junk Food Dinner returns like a flaming, golden, bearded (all 3 of us have beards right now, I think) phoenix! This week, our palette cleansing ban on horror brings us high kicks, guns, explosions, and hang-gliding!

Up first, JFD alums Jimmy Wang Yu (Episode #45) and Brian Trenchard-Smith (Episode #6 & #59) team up and butt heads in the 1975 Ozploitation ass-kicking classic - THE MAN FROM HONG KONG!

Next - Angie Dickinson, William Shatner, & Tom Skerritt star along side a whole host of Roger Corman mainstays including the lovely Robbie Lee (Episode #4) hit the road in the prohibition era fast-paced, sexy grifting romp - BIG BAD MAMA!

Finally, we again veer terrifyingly close to meme-baiting as we look at another Chuck Norris fist-fest. This time an unstoppable man-monster is menacing the small town where Mr. Norris hangs his sheriff hat, kicks ensue - SILENT RAGE!

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All this plus tattoo ideas for Parker, witty banter between friends, Junk Mail, Nerd News, DVD releases, and more!

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  1. Great show guys! I've had Man from Hong Kong on my radar for a long time. I'll watch it soon.

    Same with Silent Rage and Big Bad Mama.

    Watched Killing Spree and had a good time with it. Some of the kills were pretty sweet such as the moment involving the old lady and a hammer. I was entertained more with this film than Truth or Dare.

    Parker mentioned Truth or Dare 2 is not on netflix. It is under the title "Wicked Games" Renting both sequels soon and I'll let you know what I think.

    Again another great show guys!

  2. I watched Wicked Games and it's one of the worst films I've ever seen. Unlike Truth or Dare and Killing Spree it was shot on video and if you can believe it looks 10 times cheaper than those films.

    The gore is OK but everything from the acting to the sound work is beyond terrible. Do yourself a favor and skip this one.

    I wish I did.

  3. Missing file for downloyd here. Sad now. :(

    - Rustyn


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