JFD208: The Harder They Come, Evil Bong, Enter The Void

Break out your heavy doobies, call in sick to work and celebrate 4/20 week with JFD as we take a look at three stoner-friendly flicks.

 Up first, we travel to Jamaica (home of the heaviest doobies) where Reggae star Jimmy Cliff plays Ivan, a country boy trying to make it in the big city. When his musical aspirations don't turn out like he planned, he turns to weed slinging and gun play and only after he's become a wanted fugitive does his music begin to resonate with the people of Jamaica in the 1972 midnight movie The Harder They Come.

 Then, a young nerd boards a room in an apartment with a group of college age stoners. When one of the potheads mail-orders a haunted bong, the roommates begin to die one by one (well actually they just travel to a strip club located inside the bong) and it's up to the nerd and his new girlfriend to save them in Evil Bong from 2006.

 Finally, we follow the exploits of a young drug dealer in Japan as he trips out, dies and comes back as a ghost in the insanely trippy, ulta colorful and hyper-stylized world of Enter the Void from 2009 directed by Gasper Noe.

 All this plus witty banter between friends, heavy doobie smoking, mellow tunes, Parker geeking out about Captain America, Nerd News, Blu-rays, giggling, coughing and so much more!


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