JFD133: Halloween 2, The Day After Halloween, Night of the Demons

Schlocktober culminates in a big, bloody mess of hot Halloween-themed movies!

First, Michael Myers returns in the sequel to the genre-defining classic "Halloween 2," from 1981, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Dick Warlock (lol!). John Carpenter steps down from directing to co-write this follow-up that takes place immediately after the end of the original.

Next, a young Australian model gets more than she asks for in "The Day after Halloween" aka "Snapshot" from 1979. This movie has nothing to do with Halloween!

Finally, a trick or treat party turns ugly in 1988's "Night of the Demons" starring Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead), directed by Kevin Tenny (Demolition University).

Direct Donloyd Here!

The audio's a little wacky in parts, but hey, we recorded during a goddamn hurricane, man.

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  1. Good show fellas. Good Schlocktober all around. I agree with Parker about NotD 2 being better than the first one. There's no Linnea Quigley but you can ashamedly perv on 16 year-old Cristi Harris' ridiculously perfect nubblies. Jennifer Rhodes is fuckin fantastic as Sister Gloria, the ass-kicking nun. Great make-up effects and atmosphere, plenty of humor, and it was probably the last decent Brian Trenchard-Smith movie. You should definitely pick it for the next Halloween show.

    One thing not mentioned is how awesome the opening credit sequence from Night of the Demons is. I'll always give it a few watches during this time of year if I need a bit of a kick in the Halloween spirit balls.

    Also, regarding Mark not actually picking Halloween-related movies during the Halloween show... Was this a conscious effort before this year? Part of the great fun about his Lady in White pick was that it seemed like it was an accident that he picked a movie that had virtually nothing to do with Halloween. He seemed so bummed about about it, which made it so much funnier when Parker ripped it to pieces.

  2. Oh yeah, a couple more things. Again I agree with Parker. The Mockingbird Lane pilot was suprisingly decent. I was totally skeptical (and angry) when I first heard about it, and even more so when I saw that Jerry O'Connell's Herman Munster seemed to be just a good-looking dude with a scar on his neck. I was all nerd rage, until I thought about it... They already did a Munsters TV remake back in the late-80's that kept more in line with the original show, and it sucked ass. You can't recreate the charm of the original, so you kinda have to go in a totally different direction, which they did fairly effectively in this reboot. If you like Bryan Fuller's style (Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls) then you'll probably like this too. The guy has never directed a single thing, but all of his projects have a signature tone and visual style which is very charming.

    Also, I feel bad for whoever rented the same movies as Kevin back in the day. I bet the copies of Return of the Living Dead and Night of the Demons he checked out so frequently just happened to have those annoying tracking errors whenever the lovely Ms. Quigley got her tits out. Pause>Rewind>Play>Slow Motion over and over is hell on a VHS. It straddles the line between hilarious and TMI when Kevin subtly implies which movies he used to furiously masturbate to when he was a youngster. Kids have it way too easy nowadays.


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