JFD172: Escape from New York
(audio commentary)

We're celebrating our 500th movie movie reviewed on the show this week!! We're doing an audio commentary for the movie you guys picked, Escape from New York. And, as an added bonus: The gang's all here. We're joined by former podcaster, Mark Freado!

We wanna thank all you dudes for supporting us through 500 movies and 172 episodes, so this is a bonus episode. JFD173 (the first episode of Shock and Awegust) will be up this week, too. So, if you guys feel like you wanna support us some more, you can Go to our iTunes and subscribe, rate or review the show. This will help other people find our little show and your reviews will sell them on why they should listen to JFD rather than crummy podcasts like Marc Maron or Adam Carolla or Pool Party. You can also like us on Facebook and chat with us about movies and whatnot. You can also get fashionable and get one of the last remaining JFD shirts from Hide the Bodies.

Remember: This is NOT a real episode of JFD. You should watch Escape from New York while listening. We'll be commenting on the movie and there are occasional stretches where we're not talking because Adrienne Barbeau's boobs are on screen. Also, due to the way we recorded this so that the movie's audio wouldn't pick up, we have a little less audio quality than normal. Sorry.

Direct Donloyd

Thanks for listening! We love you.


  1. Nice. It'll be listening in as Parker pops his EFNY cherry.


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