JFD174: Jamaa Fanaka's Penitentiary Trilogy

Shock & Awegust continues as we discuss Jamaa Fanaka's "Penitentiary" trilogy.

First, Martel "Two Sweet" Cordone is locked up for a crime he didn't commit and must fight for his freedom in 1979's "Penitentiary." Too Sweet must navigate through dangerous land mines like stabbings while trying to avoid becoming someone's property.

Next, Too Sweet is a free man, but must fight for revenge and what's right in 1982' "Penitentiary 2," co-starring Mr. T. Ernie Hudson takes over the role of Half Dead, Two Sweet's arch enemy from the first movie, who's seeking revenge on Too Sweet, who just wants to live a peaceful life.

Finally, after being slipped a drug that induced a murderous fugue state, Too Sweet's back in prison and has to fight with his guts in 1987's "Penitentiary 3." Too Sweet must contend with the arch villain Serenghetti and a small creature played by The Haiti Kid.

All this, DVDs, Nerd News, Junkmails from the original Too Sweet and Kyle from Kentucky, No Police Involvement, 100% confidentiality and Guts.

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  1. can someone post a link or links to Penitentiary 1,2,& 3 ost's. Thanks


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