JFD229: Angus, Prom Night, Pretty Maids All in a Row

The air is crisp, the leaves are falling and we're going back to school this week, Junkies! We discuss three flicks about the high school experience.

First up, an outcast relives the plot of "Carrie," but with less bloody results in 1995's "Angus." This flick was directed by Patrick Read Johnson and stars George C. Scott (not as the high school kid) and James Van Der Beek. It also boasts a pretty great soundtrack.

Next, Jamie Lee Curtis plays a disco dancing high school kid who's friends have a dark secret in the influential 1980 slasher, "Prom Night."

Finally, Roger Vadim ("Barbarella") directs a satirical black comedy sex romp where a teacher is banging all his students and trying to get other teachers to bang different students. Also, there's a murder mystery. It's "Pretty Maids All in a Row" from 1971.

All this plus the wittiest banter between friends, Sad Nerd News, Voice Mails, The Listener of the Week, Nerd News, DVD/Blu-ray releases, Not Peeing the Bed, Has Tarantino gone too far, and so much more!

Donloyd Here.

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  1. The woman on the "Angus" poster is Dawn Steele, the producer, it seems.


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