JFD278: Walking Tall, The Birds, Rollerball

Junk Food Dinner. 278.

Part one of an epic 2-parter is here as we talk cult classics. This week, we'll be talking about the original classics and come back next week as we watch their remakes.

First, Joe Don Baker plays Buford T. Pusser as he takes on Tennessee's crime and corruption in "Walking Tall" from 1973. This movie is based on the real life of a pro wrestler turned sheriff who fought off the Dixie Mafia and other corrupt baddies.

Next, the people of Bodega Bay are besieged by feathered fiends in "The Birds." This Alfred Hitchcock classic kicks off "SeptemBIRD," Sean's month-long journey into fowl territory.

Finally, James Caan slaps on some skates for fun and for violence in 1975's "Rollerball." It's the future and the world is run by corporations who want to crush the world's last might hero.

All this, plus DVDs, Nerd News, Sad Nerd News, Did Parker kill Wes Craven?, Podcast Town Chat, Weird new outros, new bumpers, classics for us to hate, Fury Road Chat, Wayne calls in with some N-Bombs, Memphis Maniacs and so much more!

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  1. what is the song you played when you started walking tall

    1. Before "Walking Tall" its "The Mighty Heroes" by Sloppy Seconds

  2. and what is the song you played before rollerball

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