JFD220: Mahakaal, Dreamaniac, Bad Dreams

Welcome to our nightmare this week as Junk Food Dinner checks out three Fake Freddy Fiascos! These flicks all borrow heavily from A Nightmare on Elm Street, but are they a dream come true? It depends on how much you enjoy moonwalking.

First up, an Indian Michael Jackson impersonator, silly kung fu fights, harrowing gang-rapes, songs about picnics, and a certain razor-gloved dream demon collide in 1993's Bollywood Freddy movie Mahakaal aka The Monster! This bizarre fusion of elements shouldn't work at all, but the Ramsay brothers manage to pull off something special. It has boogers!

Next up, we check out David DeCoteau's feature debut Dreamaniac from 1986! This Charles Band production features an awesome VHS cover on Wizard Video, but can the movie compare? We hope you like underpants.

Finally, we tackle another Freddy rip-off, 1988's Bad Dreams! The always-creepy Richard Lynch plays a crispy-faced cult leader stalking Jennifer Rubin through a mental hospital in this clear rip-off of A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3! With extra-spooky fire effects!

All this plus witty banter between friends, the Darko/Arsenio connection, an all-star lineup of callers, tales of the wild west, Nightmare Feddy's, burps, sneezes and so much more!

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