JFD193: Black Christmas, Gremlins, The Star Wars Holiday Special

It's a Christmas miracle! Bring the (Leprechaun) Gold, Frankenhookers, and Myrrh, because JFD193 is born (and we've run all out of myrrh). It's that magical time of year again, that time when the Junk Food Dinner Corporate Office smells like eggnog, drunk elves, and bad movies. Our Christmas gift to you: reviews of three Holiday movies, of (highly) variable quality!

First up on our Holiday Spectacular, we delve back into the roots of slasherdom with Bob Clark's 1974 Canadian sorority house blood bath, Black Christmas! John Saxon appears in this unofficial prequel to Wes Craven's entire career, and some surprisingly nasty phone calls lighten the mood.

Next, we visit an all-around nostalgic classic, Joe Dante's Gremlins from 1984! Don't feed your Mogwai until after you've heard our discussions of the possible dangers of Gremlin Pet Ownership! Parker Bowman also offers an update on his thoughts about crystalline flakes of frozen water.

In our final review of the year, we go out on a Han So-low note, with the unfortunately not Subtitled For The Wookie Impaired, musical sketch show The Star Wars Holiday Special, written for some reason by Bruce Villanch and unleashed on an unwitting television audience in 1978! Thanks to the wonders of the then-new VCR technology, this special, which aired only a single time as it was so very hated, was saved from obscurity! And now we have to watch it.

All this plus witty banter between friends, scary telephones, suicide at Christmas, the origins of slasherdom, fugly-ass Wookies, Gremlins, Bea Arthur for some reason, and so much more!

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