JFD345:The NeverEnding Story (Audio Commentary)

As we close out 2016, we celebrate another milestone; our 1,000th movie reviewed! As we do with each 100th movie on JFD, we are doing a full-length audio commentary for a movie that you, the listeners, picked. Although, this year, much like the Presidential Elections here in the US, there is some speculation about foreign tampering with the results.

Nevertheless, we soldier on and yack our way through the 1984 children's fantasy tale The NeverEnding Story. This German special effects epic about a boy becoming engrossed in a fantasy adventure book was a staple of a lot of our childhoods, but how does it hold up? Grab your copy of NeverEnding Story, pop it in and watch along with us to find out!

WARNING: This is not a typical episode of Junk Food Dinner. This is an audio commentary. This episode is meant to be listened to while you watch The NeverEnding Story. If you try to listen to this episode and you are not watching The NeverEnding Story along with us, a lot of this will not make any sense.


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