JFD271: Fight for Your Life, Goodbye Uncle Tom, I Stand Alone

We dip another toe into the filthy waters of Ghoul Summer this week as we are joined by Cory from Illogical Contraption to take a look at three "uncomfortable" films.

Up first, William Sanderson plays a racist convict who escapes from a paddy wagon along with two other criminals and goes on the run evading the law. But when they take a black family hostage in their own home, things get ghoulish until the family fights back in the 1977 exploitation flick Fight for Your Life.

Then, a group of European filmmakers travel back in time to document the horrors of slavery in 1971's unnerving Goodbye, Uncle Tom (or Farewell, Uncle Tom) from the same people that brought you Mondo Cane.

And finally, Gaspar NoƩ brings us a tale of a severely disturbed French dude who in between incestuous thoughts about his daughter, gets a gun and wanders the streets of Paris plotting his final move in I Stand Alone from 1998.

All this plus witty banter between friends, prosthetic penis talk, friendly Junk Mail, Nerd News from Comic Con, Charles Bronson's anti-immigrant film, warm eggnog, Ghoul Summer t-shirts, absolute confidentiality, continued lack of police involvement and a whole lot more!


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