JFD275: Fast Getaway, No Contest, StormTrooper

Junk Food Dinner. 275. Our annual celebration of action cinema, Shock & Awegust begins! Parker's back and he's going first with an entire theme of his choosing: Cool '80s dudes in questionable '90s action flicks.

First, Corey Haim and his dad are bank robbers in 1991's "Fast Getaway." When his dad's girlfriend, Cynthia Rothrock, double-crosses them, the boys decide to visit the Grand Canyon and consider leaving bank robbing behind for good. But does Haim have any sex and get the feelings? Tune in.

Next, only Shannon Tweed can save a group of beauty pageant contestants from killers in "No Contest" from 1995. This Die Hard rip off stars Andrew "Dice" Clay and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (RIP) as terrorists.

Finally, Carol Alt and a mysterious stranger are besieged by army dudes in "Storm Trooper" from 1998. Legendary director Jim Wynorski brings us this tale of super soldiers, domestic abuse and Corey Feldman wearing an eye patch.

All this, plus Anime Chat, Wrestle Chat, Nerd News, Memphis Maniacs, Bad Creeps, Sad Nerd News, Donald Lloyd, New Freddys, Angry Sean, DVD Chat and so much more!

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