JFD80: Near Dark, From Dusk till Dawn, Shadow of the Vampire

Grab your holy water and your garlic, cuz Vampire Week of our Schlocktober celebration is upon us!

First up, we have an old western showdown between a cowboy and an unruly gang of vamps in "Near Dark," from 1987. Bill Paxton and Lance Henrikson lead the blood-sucking gang in this influential, but often overlooked flick.

Then we gush like school boys in love over 1996's "From Dusk till Dawn," written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Robert Rodriguez. George Clooney, Tom Savini, Harvey Keitel, Cheeck Marin and tons more awesome people show up when bikers and gangsters face off against the Mexican undead.

Finally, we try to finish our podcast, but get told by a vampire that it's "hardly our podcast any longer," as we discuss 2000's "Shadow of the Vampire." The film is a fictional account of the making of the original "Nosferatu" film, featuring an Oscar-nominated performance from Willem Dafoe as Max Schreck.

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