Junk Food Dinner Podcast: Episode #18

Buy us some smokes and let's hit up the strip club because today Junk Food Dinner turns "legal" as we celebrate our 18th birthday (episode).

This week it's no stars, no budgets but big dreams as we take a look at three low-budget cheese fests.

First, we travel to the mountains and watch a group of yuppies get picked off one-by-one in the ski-themed, straight-to-video slasher film Iced from 1988.

Then it's the end of the world as we know it and we feel fine, when we watch the 1983 Italian post-apocalyptic action flick 2019: After the Fall of New York.

And finally we take a look at the so-bad-it's-good, low-budget "romantic thriller" that's sweeping the nation, 2008's Birdemic: Shock & Terror.

Also, we have Nerd News, this week's DVD releases and much more!


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