JFD177: Ms. 45, Repo Man, Fast Food

This week, we're joined by our podcat bros, The Badland Girls!!

Rhea and Destiny bring us a tale of vigilantism and revenge on the male species in Abel Ferrara's "Ms. 45." In this 1981 flick, Thana is a girl in New York who has a bad day when she's assaulted and raped. But this leads her to indiscriminately start killing off anyone she sees with a penis. And maybe dogs, too.

Next, Emelio Estevez is an angry young punk in LA who gets a job repossessing cars in 1984's classic "Repo Man." Directed by Alex Cox and co-starring Harry Dean Stanton, this is a tale of aliens, consumerism and The Circle Jerks.

Finally, two college slackers steal their friend's hamburger stand and develop a sauce that makes their customers horny in 1989's "Fast Food." This comedy was directed by Michael A. Simpson ("Sleepaway Camp" 2 & 3) and stars Jim Varney ("Ernest"), Traci Lords ("Crybaby"), Kevin McCarthy ("UHF") and Michael J. Pollard & Pamela Springsteen from the Sleepaway Camp movies. It's a real who's who of JFD classics.

All this, DVDS, Nerd News, LA punk bands, pornos that will make you horny, and so much more.

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