JFD264: Red Sonja, Happy Birthday to Me, Revenge of the Ninja

Oh boy, those Junk Food Dinner guys are at it again. This time, we pay tribute to our beloved t-shirt designer Paul by reviewing three of his favorite flicks! We talk bad guys, metal snakes, and undermined bad-assery - it's a live one.

Up first, we travel to the Hyborian Age, where Brigitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger exchange sexy glances while questing across the countryside to destroy a sacred talisman. It's Red Sonja from 1985!

Next! We celebrate a day of birth by watching a night full of death, as Canadian teens get picked off one by one by a mysterious killer. It's Happy Birthday to Me from director J. Lee Thompson!

Finally, we hit up the world-famous Japanese art galleries of Salt Lake City, where secret American ninjas conspire to smuggle heroin into our nation. It's Revenge of the Ninja from Cannon Films!

All this plus witty banter between friends, fans of right angles, black leather gloves, soda can trashbags, Nerd News and This Week in DVD, hot tub nipples, absolute confidentiality, continued lack of police involvement, sneezes, belches, gleeks and a whole lot more!

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  1. When will the t-shirt be made available? I'm getting a nasty sunburn and they won't serve me at Dairy Queen.


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