JFD109: Olum Savascisi, Demolition High, Dr. Alien

Better late than never, JUNK FOOD DINNER 109 is here! This week is a real smorgasborg of crazyness as we take a look at 3 films spanning time...AND SPACE!

Up first, we take a look at a film from Turkey (by way of a cool custom DVD from listener Joe, in Sweden) - 1984's OLUM SAVASCISI. Ninjas, melty mummies, kicking, arrows, and more from the king of Turkish cinema Cuneyt Arkin!

Next, it's more Wynorski nuttiness as terrorists take over an unassuming high school. Too bad for them, Corey Haim has detention slips for everyone - PERMANENT DETENTION! Alan Thicke also stars as a totally unbelievable cop. Drill-saws abound in the very 90's DEMOLITION HIGH!

Finally, we blast off on one of our sexiest adventures yet. This doctor makes more than house calls, etc. A bevy of cult babes pepper this curious sci-fi romp - DR. ALIEN!

Direct Download Here.

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