JFD360: Hero at Large, Problem Child, Stay Tuned

Come and knock on our door, junkies, as we celebrate the life and career of one of the most likable dudes ever, John Ritter as we explore some of his goofy flicks.

Up first, Ritter plays a struggling actor in New York City who moonlights cosplaying as a superhero to help promote a new movie based on the character, but when he stops a robbery of a bodega in costume, the city gets Captain Avenger fever and Ritter has to decide if he wants to continue the superhero act in Hero at Large from 1980.

Then, John Ritter and Amy Yasbeck play a childless couple who can't have kids but when they decide to adopt they get more than they bargained for when their adopted child turns out to be sadistic bastard in 1990's Problem Child.

And finally, John Ritter plays a TV-obsessed husband and father who gets himself and his wife sucked into a hellish TV world filled with unholy parodies of pop culture when he purchases a TV off a minion of Satan himself (Jeffrey Jones) in Stay Tuned from 1992.

All this plus witty banter between friends, listener voicemails, insight into Parker's fuck style, Nerd News, new MST3k chat,  Fast & Furious vs Star Wars, Blu-ray Picks, Monchichis, continued lack of overt police involvement, and a whole lot more!


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  1. The first two Problem Child movies were a pretty big part of my childhood. I hope you guys cover the second one some day.


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