JFD224: Operation Warzone, Rapid Fire, Future Force

Shock and Awegust kicks off this week with some truly insane action from Action International Pictures. It's our David A. Prior theme show! Get ready for low-budget insanity from the king of action trash! Parker Bowman's on assignment with Doctor Evil, so we're joined this week by Rachel Thode and Nick Jones!

First up, tons of tough guy stuff is set to the weirdest synth pop music you might find on VHS in 1988's Operation Warzone, an inexplicable low budget Vietnam movie from David A. Prior!

Next up, we seek out the world's most powerful (and ridiculous) weapon Rapid Fire from 1989! There's also something about a code that may have been changed.

Finally, we tackle our final David A. Prior flick for the show, 1989's Future Force! The always-weird David Carradine gets even weirder with the attachment of a flying bionic arm he uses for bad police work!

All this plus witty banter between friends, Bloody Mary's, bad explosions, crazy fist fights, crotch punching, DTMF weaponry, burps, sneezes and so much more!

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