JFD260: New Gladiators, Robot Jox, Legion of Iron

Hey, Junkies. Strap on your helmet and grab a laser sword. It’s futuristic Gladiator week! Parker's out watching The Avengers ... all week somehow, so we're joined by our brother Mark Freado! If you like Mark, be sure to check out his podcast ... though we don't know what it's called. Just search for Mark Freado's Dad on google.

First, contestants battle on a violent Italian game show for big ratings in Lucio Fulci’s “New Gladiators" from 1984, starring Fred Williamson.

Next, fighters duke it out in giant mech suits in “Robot Jox" from 1989. The film is directed by Stuart Gordon ("Re-Animator," "From Beyond") and pretty much bankrupted Empire Pictures.

Finally, a high school couple are taken to a queen’s gladiator arena in 1990 little-known flick, “Legion of Iron.”

All this, plus Nerd News, DVDs, Exclusive Adam Sandler news, remembering the time Sean invented JFD, voicemails, sing-a-longs, White Buffalo Chat and so much more!

Direct Donloyd

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