JFD334: Rawhead Rex, Hellraiser, Candyman

The calendars are all true! It really is Schlocktober already! Can you believe it's our seventh annual Schlocktober already?! And to kick off our month-long celebration of the literally tightest horror movies on the planet, we're throwing a big-ol' birthday bash for Clive Barker!

First up, kids get ripped out of cars by a monstrous pagan god unleashed on the Irish countryside in 1986's Rawhead Rex! The first film based on a Clive Barker (short) story, this low budget horror flick features "the most shoe-horned in gratuitous nudity that Kevin Moss has ever seen." It's got weird sacrilegious themes, too.

Next! We finally tackle one of the most iconic horror flicks of the late 80's, a movie that likely served as most gorehound's introduction to the world of Clive Barker, 1987's Hellraiser. A skinless ex-lover back from the dead haunts a troubled marriage in this BDSM-infused British horror film, directed by Clive Barker himself! Come for the cenobites, stay for the surprising rubber monster fights!

Finally! We stare into the mirror and review this title (Candyman) exactly three times, tempting Tony Todd and the bees to come and get us. Virginia Madsen is a middle-class academic investigating the Candyman urban legend who gets mixed up in a serial-killing world in the projects on the south side. It's Candyman from 1992!

All this plus witty banter between friends, feelin' Schlocktobery, Herzogian tales of South American adventure, Rocky Horror Picture Chats, insensitive virtual reality attractions, Parker was at work all day and didn't even watch the Paul Schrader trailer, getting into that Halloween spirit, and all your favorite Schlitzie jokes, Nerd News & Blu-ray Picks, continued lack of overt police involvement, sneezes, belches, decrepit erections, gleeks and a whole lot more!

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  1. I think I recommended that Romero theme back in 2014 right after I started listening to your show. Me and probably 400 other fuckheads. Still amazed you hadn't gotten around to any of these three. Looking forward to it, especially Day of the Dead, my personal favorite.

  2. Nice job on another great 'sode gents. Do you fella's actually read these comments? I imagine the Facebooks are the preferred method of online communication but I hate the Facebooks so I guess I'll have to send this out into the ether.

    A couple items of note:
    * I used to live right next door to Cabrini Green and traversing between the project units via bathroom medicine cabinet was a real thing.

    * Teh internets confirmed that Devin Faraci is the scumbag we all suspected he was IRL.

    1. thanks! indeed we do read the comments.

      Woah! that's wild that that medicine cabinet thing is real. I figured it was made up for the story.

      And, yeah, we make a subtle joke about Faraci on the next episode, actually.


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