JFD78: A Gnome Named Gnorm, The Compleat Al, Death Squad

Junk Food Dinner #78 is here! Right as you let your guard down! Kevin is still off exploring these United States and in his absence Matt D. (JFD38/VHS Vault/Horror Boobs/Lover of Weird Al) joins us for a grit sandwich!

Up first, Anthony Michael Hall teams up with a gnome to solve a million dollar mystery. Guess which one comes off creepier! With FX wizard Stan Winston at the helm and Robert Z'dar as the second main bad guy, this dusty little gem proves to be more than meets the eye - you won't believe how much we enjoyed "A Gnome Named Gnorm" (AKA: Upworld) from 1990.

Then we all revert to our thirteen year old selves as we get geeky and gushy over a man who made a career out of funny songs that are mostly about food. The humble beginnings of Weird Al are simultaniously revealed and lampooned in "The ComplEAT Al" from 1985.

Finally, Robert Forster is only one cop - but sometimes that's all it takes when corruption goes straight to the top! We feast our eyes on the (alarmingly) difficult to find (sorry, Parker) "The Death Squad" from 1974.

We've also got Nerd News, DVD Releases, and more! Sorry we forgot to read the mail again! Tune in!

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