JFD676: Unholy Rollers, Stars of the Roller State Disco, Dinner in America

The whole Junk Food Dinner crew is back this month, with two roller flicks and one rock 'n roller flick.

Up first, Roger Corman. AIP and the guy that directed Fade to Black team up to get in on the popular roller derby trend of the 1970's with Unholy Rollers from 1972 about a woman trying to become a star in the roller world while navigating creepy promoters and jealous teammates. 

Next, the BBC and director Alan Clarke give British youths a glimpse into their dystopian future with Stars of the Roller State Disco from 1984, a made-for-TV movie about a group of young people who are forced to hang out in a roller rink/arcade, while they wait for shitty jobs to become available. 

And finally, a mysterious punk rocker on the run from the law teams up with an awkward young woman to find love and rebellion in 2020's Dinner in America from the director of Snack Shack and The Bunny Game.

All this plus discussion of Yorgos Lanthimos' Kinds of Kindness, In a Violent Nature, and Parker watching Lord of the Rings and NOT falling asleep. Plus sports gambling chat, Severin releasing an obscure 60's mummy movie, the sequel to Nobody, and Three Stooges and Nico Mastorakis blu-ray box sets coming soon.


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