Friday, August 28, 2015

JFD277: Slaughter, Action Jackson, Surviving the Game

Get ready for bombs, bullets and badasses with our third and final week of Shock & Awe-gust, with Kevin's theme show featuring three exciting "black-tion" flicks.

Up first, Jim Brown is a Vietnam vet/Green Beret, who returns home after his parents are killed in a mob hit. After a botched attempt at revenge, the US Treasury recruits him to travel to "South America" to bust up the mob ring (including Rip Torn and Stella Stevens) and find the ones responsible for his parents' death in Slaughter from 1972.

Next, Carl Weathers is a Detroit cop with a reputation as one mean son of a bitch, in Action Jackson from 1988. When union leaders are being killed off in explosive fashion, Jackson is hot on the trail of Craig T. Nelson who is the president of a large car company. With the help of Sharon Stone and Vanity, Jackson vows to get his man, no matter how much damage he does in the process.

Finally, Ice-T is a homeless man in Seattle who's about ready to end it all when he's offered a job as a "hunting guide' by a group of rich dudes (Charles Dutton, Rutger Hauer, Gary Busey, F. Murray Abraham, etc), he accepts and travels with them into the remote wilderness. But things quickly go bad when Ice-T realizes they won't be hunting animals, they will be hunting him in Surviving the Game from 1994.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

JFD276: Crippled Masters, The Amazing Mr. No Legs, The Impossible Kid

Shock & Awegust, or Shock & Aweghoul? YOU decide this week, with Sean’s “Disabled Heroes” theme show. This trio of action-packed "cripplesploitation" flicks all rely on the physical maladies of their lead performers, but also display their surprising capabilities! It’s simultaneously heart-wrenching and gut-wrenching (take note, wrench fans).

First up! We tackle a classic in the subgenre, and the first in an extra exploitative trilogy. Jackie Conn and Frankie Shum star as a deadly kung fu duo out for revenge against the men who stole their limbs, and learn a whole lot of no-legs and/or no-arms crazy moves along the way. It’s a Suncoast Video classic! It’s Crippled Masters (Tian can di que / 天殘地缺), from 1979!

Up next! A real-life legless Korean war veteran teams up with the real-life cast and crew behind TV’s Flipper, and the resulting movie is 1979’s The Amazing Mr. No Legs. Even though he’s kind of a side character, No Legs makes a huge impression by being the only character onscreen without bell bottoms. When he kicks ass pool-side, you’ll ask yourself whether you really need legs anymore anyways (they’re always getting in the way). It’s about drug deals and cigars and a cop’s sister getting killed by television. You will never forget it!

Finally! The last movie selection of the evening is a both a tribute and an homage to Shock & Awegusts of years past. It’s an opportunity to reflect on our progress since previous action-packed latesummer podcasting events, and also to check in with old friends. Old friends like Weng Weng, the 83 centimeter, 1980’s Filipino kung fu star, who returns to Junk Food Dinner with 1982’s The Impossible Kid! This sequel to For Y'ur Height Only continues to adventures of Agent 00 as he encounters sexy ladies, swimming pedophiles, and the toughest clouds of random smoke in town. There’s nothing quite like it! (except For Y'ur Height Only)

All this plus witty banter between friends, Nerd News, DVDs, Parker Bowman’s Right to Sell Stock Options, A Pretty Face Hiding an Evil Mind, Western Archivists, A Surprising Return of a Surprising Segment Within the DVD Picks, Nostalgic Softspots, Overcoming Adversity, More Skype Noise Than You Can Handle, absolute confidentiality, continued lack of police involvement, sneezes, belches, gleeks and a whole lot more!

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Friday, August 14, 2015

September Calendar!

Hey, Junkies! It's your ol' pal Rusty here doing the update for the September schedule. September's gonna be a weird one. The guys are doing a double theme show. The first week, it'll be cult classics. Then the next week, it'll be the remakes of those cult classics. Are they sacrilege or surprisingly good? We'll find out. As an added bonus, September will also be SeptemBIRD, as Sean is picking movies about our fine feathered friends all month long. Will they be good or are these movies for the birds? I'm very 'eagle' to find out! I hope they give me a sneak 'beak' of the episodes!

Anyway, before reading the list of movies, maybe go buy a Ghoul Summer T-Shirt from Hide the Bodies or a beer koozy or a re-released classic JFD shirt.

I'll wait.

Now that you've bought one of those things check out the September schedule!

JFD278: Cult Classics

  • The Birds (1963)
  • Walking Tall (1973)
  • Rollerball (1975)
JFD279: Cult Classic Remakes
  • The Birds II (1994)
  • Rollerball (2002)
  • Walking Tall (2004)
  • Death Promise (1977)
  • Mischief (1985)
  • Beaks (1987)
  • The Giant Claw (1957)
  • She-Devil (1989)
  • Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 (2015)

JFD275: Fast Getaway, No Contest, StormTrooper

Junk Food Dinner. 275. Our annual celebration of action cinema, Shock & Awegust begins! Parker's back and he's going first with an entire theme of his choosing: Cool '80s dudes in questionable '90s action flicks.

First, Corey Haim and his dad are bank robbers in 1991's "Fast Getaway." When his dad's girlfriend, Cynthia Rothrock, double-crosses them, the boys decide to visit the Grand Canyon and consider leaving bank robbing behind for good. But does Haim have any sex and get the feelings? Tune in.

Next, only Shannon Tweed can save a group of beauty pageant contestants from killers in "No Contest" from 1995. This Die Hard rip off stars Andrew "Dice" Clay and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (RIP) as terrorists.

Finally, Carol Alt and a mysterious stranger are besieged by army dudes in "Storm Trooper" from 1998. Legendary director Jim Wynorski brings us this tale of super soldiers, domestic abuse and Corey Feldman wearing an eye patch.

All this, plus Anime Chat, Wrestle Chat, Nerd News, Memphis Maniacs, Bad Creeps, Sad Nerd News, Donald Lloyd, New Freddys, Angry Sean, DVD Chat and so much more!

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

JFD274: Judgment Night (full length commentary)

Can you believe we've reviewed 800 goddamn movies? Neither can we. In fact, Parker was so shocked he decided to take a week off to watch anime and left Kevin and Sean home alone to do a full-length commentary on the film you overwhelmingly voted for Judgment Night from 1993. But don't worry, we invited Shelby Cobras from Illogical Contraption over and talk over the movie with us!

This movie is about a group of early 90's Chicago bros (Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding Jr., Stephen Dorff and Jeremy Piven) who rent a tricked-out RV (complete with Nintendo Zapper and fax machine) for a dudes' night out. But when they make a wrong turn and end up in the ghetto, they witness a murder and are chased through the seemingly abandoned streets by a group of local toughs (Denis Leary, Everlast, Zed from Pulp Fiction). So grab a copy of Judgment Night and watch along with us, won't you?

WARNING: This is not a typical episode of Junk Food Dinner. This is an audio commentary. This episode is meant to be listened to while you watch Judgment Night. If you try to listen to this episode and you are not watching Judgment Night along with us, a lot of this will not make any sense.


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