Cropsey/The Burning.

A few episodes ago, we reviewed the 1981 summer camp slasher flick "The Burning." In the film, horny teens are killed off by the bloodthirsty Cropsey. During the episode we mentioned that the character of Cropsey was based on urban legends from the NJ/upstate NY area. Now, here's a trailer for the new documentary called, simply, "Cropsey." Check it out below. Personally, I think this looks pretty interesting. I know it's playing in NY, hopefully it'll make it's way here to Capital City.

(Sorry, superfans! That only looks like Parker in the trailer.)

Also, here's a review from Fangoria.

What do you think?

UPDATE: It looks like this guy will be making it's way to Bustown after all!
September 22 & 24
Wexner Center
Too bad I probably won't live here by then.
Columbus, Ohio