McLovin, the 29 year old Hawaiin vampire killer

Word on the interwebs is that McLovin (sometimes referred to as Christopher Mintz-Plasse) will be playing William Ragsdale's role in the "Fright Night" remake. That might be okay. I mean, I love William Ragsdale in the original. But McLovin is pretty okay. He was on a recent episode of "Party Down" and held his own. And he was in Kick-Ass, which the kids seem to like.

What's lame about this remake, though, aside from the fact that it exists, is the fact that Colin Farell is playing the vampire and that some young dude I never heard of will be playing Roddy McDowell's part of the old, has-been movie host turned vampire hunter. Meh.

But, chances are the vampires in this film won't shimmer in daylight, so I'll probably end up seeing it.