Save Columbus.

Loyal listeners, Capital City needs your help.

We've had a rough week here in Columbus. Last week, Wednesday to be exact, Columbus lost one of it's finest. Robert Lawson, my dear friend of over 13 years, died in a tragic accident. A hard blow to a town who loved him, and a loss that will be felt for a long time. An active member in a lot of things that make Columbus great, Robert's sense of community was unparalleled. Yesterday, we attended a service to celebrate his life.

One of the things closest to Robert's heart was Camp Sunrise. It's a camp devoted to kids impacted by HIV/AIDS. He was a camp counselor for many years and then served on the board. Robert's mother is asking for donations to be made to camp. I also work for this organization and can say it's one the most, if not the most, amazing things I've ever been a part of.

Donations can be made here.

In a seemingly impossible twist, a mere 24 hours later, Columbus suffered another tragedy. While driving home, local favorite, Alix Reece was shot in the neck by a stray bullet. She was taken to Grant Medical Center and remained in critical care for a few days. She is paralyzed from the neck down and is still in the hospital battling complications from her injuries.

Alix is an amazing woman, who I was proud to fight along side of in our D&D campaigns. She is intelligent, engaging, beautiful, and the last person something like this should have happened to. Friends and family have already put together multiple benefits and ways to donate for her steps towards recovery.

I know things are tough for everyone, but little bits add up and these are both people and causes I feel are worthy. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated by me and the friends and family of these two wonderful people.

Donations for Alix are here.

Also, proceeds from this sale go to Alix and I know you nerds are into this. But you'd better act fast!

Thanks, and I promise I won't put serious stuff up here anymore. Starting now.