Wes Craven has certainly taken many souls (and dollars).

The trailer for the new Wes Craven movie "My Soul to Take" has hit the webs. My thought? Meh. I guess the film is about a guy who kills teenagers, who also may or may not be dead has possibly returned to possess one of the teens to continue his murders. So, it's basically "Nightmare on Elm Street 2."

Speaking of which, how much mileage can Wes Craven get out of the "From the creator of 'Nightmare on Elm Street'?" The guy spends all his waking moments talking shit about Freddy and the Nightmare franchise, then uses his connection to it to hype his movies that are a million fucking times shittier than the lamest Nightmare sequels! I guess "Coming soon, from the director of 'Cursed,' 'Scream 3,' and 'Shocker'" doesn't have quite the same punch.

AND!! Wes Craven is always talking shit about how lame he thinks it is that Freddy got jokey in the Nightmare sequels, yet he makes a vampire movie with goddamn Eddie Murphy in it and he put Jay and Silent fucking Bob in "Scream 3?!"

Anyway, this movie looks pretty cool. I'll probably see it.