Fright Night prepares your mind for a mind explosion!

The good folks at Shock Till You Drop have posted a banner hyping up Peter Vincent from the upcoming "Fright Night" remake.

My first reaction to this was utter disgust, any shred of optimism imploded inside my chest.

Then I came to my goddamn senses. The character of Peter Vincent in the original was that of an aging horror movie host on local television. If that aspect had stayed the same for the remake, anyone under the age of 25 would have no idea what a horror movie host was, much less one being on LOCAL television.

It makes loads of sense to insert Peter Vincent's soul into that of a Las Vegas hack magician.

Of course, horror movie purists and remake poo-pooers will hate on this. And that's to be expected. They are genetically pre-disposed to hating any changes made in a remake, just int he way they hate when a remake keeps aspects from the original in tact. They also REALLY hate when a remake changes some stuff and keeps other stuff the same (Nightmare on Elm Street).

Anyway, this new Peter Vincent reminds me of the Illusionators from "Human Giant."