JFD News

Hey, kiddos. We've got a couple of pieces of Junk Food Dinner news for you.

Firstly, if you've listened to the last couple episodes (which we're sure that you did. You're good kids), you'd know that Junk Food Dinner is dedicating all five of our shows in the month of October to the horror genre! Not only that, but each of those shows is gonna be a theme show! Each week, we'll celebrate a different go-to Halloween monster. Between now and Oct. 1, we'll put up a list of each of those themes* and all 15 movies for the month.

Lastly, see that list of the episodes over there to the right? Those links now take you to that episode's original post. So now you can read that episode's summary and movie list before downloading it. Go click around. Download an episode or two (or twenty-six).

*Spoiler Alert: One of the themes is ZOMBIES!!