Whatever Happened to Jackie Kong?

If you grew up watching movies on cable television in the 80's or 90's, chances are you happened upon the work of director Jackie Kong at some point.

Ms. Kong was responsible for some of the more off-the-wall flicks to come out in the 80's. Her first film, 1983's "The Being" was about a young boy who turns into a killer mutant running amok in Idaho. She followed that up the next year with the zany police comedy "Night Patrol" starring Linda Blaire. Then 1987 saw the release of two Kong-directed features, another goofball comedy "The Underachievers" and one of my all-time favorite horror comedies, the highly underrated "Blood Diner". Then... nothing.

What happened to this
off-beat female director responsible for some of the most memorable cult films of the video era? Why did she leave the film industry and what has she been up to since?

Well, Jackie Kong is ready to answer those questions very soon, on her brand new forthcoming website JackieKongFilms.com. I for one am very excited to get some updates. Check it out!

And maybe if we're really lucky, we can talk Ms. Kong into an interview with us here at Junk Food Dinner. Let's keep our fingers crossed.