How Should I Feel?

Admittedly, this has nothing to do with cult films so I might catch some guff for putting it in the weblog. It did, however, sort of blow my mind. I sat on this til Shlocktober was over, as it would have been even less relevant amidst the theme of the month.


Certainly, The Wire is one of my favorite shows. It also rates pretty high with my roommate Erin. Though it's endlessly quotable, one scene that comes up, in call-and-response form- usually right before something really awful happens, is this one from Season 5.

Arguably, one of the best scenes from the series.

Imagine our surprise when we found reference to this clip from a show I had never seen (and previously believed to be about a robot girl like Small Wonder) iCarly. (skip to 8:30 for the meat.)



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