JFD's 100th Movie

Hey, kiddos. As we mentioned a few episodes ago, we'll be discussing our 100th movie soon. None of us are mathematicians, but we're pretty sure it'll happen on JFD35. To mark this monumental occasion, we're going to do something different, something little crazy.

For the 100th movie, we're going to record an audio commentary, the likes of which you might find on a DVD or on a track wherein your hosts would "riff." You'll be able to sync the episode up with your VHS or DVD or Blu-ray (if you own a bank or play professional basketball, anyway). Or not. You can just listen to the episode on your iPod at work like you normally do if you want.

As for the 100th movie, we're gonna let you pick. We've decided that we're gonna delve into some epic, awful stuff and it's up to you to pick our poison. You'll notice a poll on the left. Take a peek at the five choices and vote away. It's that easy!

Here are your choices. Choose wisely, Junk Fooders.


  1. No one laughs at a master of Quack Fu! [side request: on a future show, how would you fellas feel about reviewing "The Burbs" staring Tom Hanks? I'm sure Parker would be into it since it also features his one true love, Corey Feldman.]

  2. You know, that's one of the very few Feldman movies I've never seen. People have been scoffing at me for years for not seeing, too. I've seen all of Feldman's crappy Cinemax titty movies, but not this. I'll pick The Burbs in the next few weeks to remedy this.

  3. Killer Klowns is classic. It seems like any of these would be awesome though.


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