Scream, Scream Again

Here's a (mostly) full-length trailer for "Scream 4." I think this has the ability to turn out well. We've gone almost 11 years without a Scream movie. These have been 11 years full of "Saw," "Hostel," "Final Destination" and endless remakes. So, in the absence of "Scream," we've been given all new "rules" to play with. In '96, "Scream" was so effective because it toyed with all the lame, overly used horror movie rules that Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers and all their rip-offs made us expect and be sick of. In 2010, we're now sick of an entirely new set off rules that this new "Scream" will have fun with.

Although, admittedly, I'm not too sure what these rules are because I always fall asleep during the "Saw" movies.

But, I'm fairly sure the biggest rule that all those new franchises I've mentioned set up is that there's no longer room for Nancy Thompson, Laurie Strode, Tommy Jarvis or even Sydney Prescott. No one survives anymore.

At any damn rate, I'm down for watching anything with Kristen Bell.


  1. Let me just be the first to say that this looks likes total feces.

  2. It probably will be. But, I'm looking forward to it the way that a Muhammad Ali fan might have looked at his fight with Larry Holmes. It'll probably go down with a sad, pitiful ending, but there's a chance for some of that old magic.


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