Uwe Boll wants us to forget all about "Birdemic"

"Director," Uwe Boll has been hyping his movie "Blubberella" lately, a movie about an obese super hero. That sounds about right from Boll, I'd say. Other than the fact that it's an original idea and not based on a video game.

Anyway, in some Twilight Zone-esque/Infinite April Fool's Day joke, it turns out that while Boll was filming "Blubberella," he was also filming the third "Blood Rayne" movie (yes, there have previously been TWO "Blood Rayne" movies, somehow.)

The "fun" part of this dual filming is the fact that both movies have the same exact sets, filming locations, actors and plots. Except, one's about a vampire killing nazis and one is about an obese superhero ... killing nazis.

Uwe Boll must be taking it pretty hard that people have been concentrating on "Troll 2" and "Birdemic" as the worst movies ever and overlooking his strong body of work.

Anyway, here are the trailers: