Vote for Junk Food Dinner instead of senators or whatever

Hey, kiddos. It's a new month and that means the Podcast Alley rankings start fresh. We would love you forever if you'd go throw up a comment or a vote for us. Each vote helps put us higher in the rankings which makes it easier for people to stumble onto us, which makes the show bigger and better.

Last month, you guys got us into the Top 50, where we stayed all month long. And I don't mean the Top 50 Cult Movie Podcasts or Top 50 Podcasts Where The Hosts Occasionally Insult Midgets or the Top 50 Podcasts Hosted by Three Beautiful Men (although we did make the Top 75 on that list). I mean we were in the Top 50 out of all the 90,000 podcasts on Podcast Alley. Thank you!

So, please go take a second to vote or comment because if we drop out of the Top 50, it's ritualistic suicides all around.

1. Go Here.
2. Enter your email address and click “Vote now”
3. Then check that email – they will send you a link that must be clicked in order to confirm the vote.