Should I flip a coin? A coin of the damned?

I've spent the last 2 or 3 hours on the most addictive website since Hot or Not, Flick Chart. If you're not hip to this - and since you're on this website now and not charting your flick, I'll assume you're not - it's a website where you rate movies. Over and over. Forever.

The site gives you two movies, you pick which one you like more. Then, using some ancient Chinese math, it makes your Top Movies of All Time list for you.

Like I said, for the last few hours I've been doing this and it's becoming magically accurate and sometimes difficult. They made me choose between "Office Space" and "Pulp Fiction," man! And then between "Shaun of the Dead" and "The Big Lebowski!"

But then I got a couple of movies to choose between that have made my brain stop working. I can't decide which movie is WORSE, for God's sake! To pick either of these movies as "better" would be to concede that one has some redeeming value at all!

Needless to say, I'm gonna have to look deep within my soul and find out how black it is...


  1. after about an hour and a half...

    Your Top 20
    Of All Time

    1. Training Day
    2. Toy Story 2
    3. Monty Python a...
    4. The Lion King
    5. True Lies
    6. Indiana Jones ...
    7. South Park: Bi...
    8. Watchmen
    9. Beetlejuice
    10. Gangs of New Y...
    11. Speed
    12. O Brother, Whe...
    13. Total Recall
    14. Se7en
    15. Blade
    16. Dances with Wo...
    17. Children of Men
    18. Pan's Labyrinth
    19. Fargo
    20. Star Wars

    Not quite sure what to make of that. I've had Training Day as a choice exactly once, yet its #1, while I've picked Pulp Fiction about 12+ times and it doesn't crack the Top 50. So many repeats.. they need to mix it up a bit more. About 8 of my real Top 10 haven't even come up once.

    But it is a black hole that sucks up your time and attention :p

  2. Yeah. I sorta wish I never found this site at this point because I think I've spent about 12 hours on it. The good news is, the more you do it, the better your top 20 gets. Also, you can just rank the same movie over and over against other movies, which I did to get my top 5 in order. It's kinda cheating, though, I guess. At any rate, I've become obsessed.

  3. Clicking on Blade Runner about 500 times made me think of Rutger Hauer, which made me look him up. His birthday is in January. A Rutger Hauer-themed show next month would be awesome. His resume certainly isn't lacking in JFD material.

    Blood of Heroes! Blood of Heroes! Blood of Heroes!

  4. Ooh, good idea! I've been looking for an excuse to do 'Surviving the Game' on the show.

  5. Seriously?! I LOVE Surviving the Game! I've been wanting to do it on the show forever!
    I love movies that involve hunting humans!

    But, we'd have to wait till Hobo With a Shotgun comes out for a Rutger Hauer theme show, I'd think. That movie's gonna be awesome.(I assume, based on the title alone.)


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