Context is Important.

Skip to 1:33:45 of Episode #41.


  1. Holy crap! That monkey smuggler is Andrew Divoff!!

    Maybe he was giving away those basketball monkeys as part of their three wisheszzzzz.

    (Cuz he's the Wishmaster)

  2. hahaha...

    though I still don't get the SCREAMING. First, the monkey doesn't jump out of the ball, he adorably reaches up for a hug! Second, it looks like the detectives were expecting monkeys in basketballs, so shouldn't the audience be too?

    If they were screaming about how absolutely cuddlywuddly the little gibbon was, I totally understand.

    and the black smuggler is Querns/Wilson from Oz/The Wire!

  3. there was no shock and awe about the gibbon emerging from the basketball, we were screaming about how adorable it is when cragen and the gibbon tenderly embrace.

  4. I totally understand :p

    It reminded me of when one of my favorite MMA fighters, Lyoto Machida, got a nice hug from a cuddly wild monkey -

  5. That .gif makes me like Machida a whole lot more!


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