More 'Paul' trailers surface, Seth Rogen still miscast

Here's another trailer for the new buddy flick w/ aliens "Paul." It looks kinda funny, I guess. I enjoy when aliens are indifferent, or slightly worried at most, about peoples' firey death. I also enjoy aliens dressed up like cowboys (except when it happens on "American Dad").

But, I will not see this film. I cannot goddamn stand Seth Rogen. And I can't stand his goddamn disembodied voice more than that. I don't wanna go into a whole big thing, but come the fuck on, Hollywood, let's start using voice actors again! I'm sick to death of every CGI character being voiced by either Seth Rogen or Eddie Murphy or someone doing their impression of Eddie Murphy!!

When you go to a movie and say to yourself "Oh. Cool, Seth Rogen is the voice of this alien (or this gelatinous blob monster,") then you're no longer IN the movie, you're thinking about the process of movie-making. And you might be thinking about the time that Rogen's shitty acting ruined "Observe and Report."


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