Sunday, January 23, 2011

The perfect gift... for a baby ...who loves super-violent 80's action films....?

On this week's show we'll be talking about the awesomely over-the-top 1986 action flick Cobra starring Sylvester Stallone.

After watching the movie I was browsing eBay, curious to see what kind of Cobra-related merch was out there, and came across this adorable Cobra onesie (ugh, what a terrible "word") from a company called Super Sweet Shirt Co. I know a lot of infants who are big Sly Stallone fans, so I'm going to order a couple of these.

But seriously; who the fuck is going to buy this? If you're a nerd for violent 80's schlock and want the whole world to know it, start a website or a podcast like we did, don't advertise it on your defenseless baby. Do you really want your child's first memories to be looking down at his chest and seeing a pissed off Stallone pointing a gun at him?

Super Sweet also offers onesies featuring other todler-friendly classics like Rambo, Die Hard, Terminator 2 and Evil Dead. If your baby isn't showing up to daycare in one of these, how are the other parents going to know how cool your DVD collection is?

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  1. LOL now this is a funny post! Thanks for the mention :)