Bring out your dead

I just stumbled upon this trailer for a film called "Black Death," starring Sean Bean (aka Boromir, son of Denethor). The movie reviews and taglines promise emotional unease and grisly death, which is generally what I'm into. I also enjoy movies about these things.

Anyway, the movie seems to be about the Black Plague and how some primitive screwheads deal with the issue. Speaking of which, did you know that in the southwest, the Plague still exists? Prairie dogs and the fleas that live on those prairie dogs have it. And if you get it, you're dead. This is something I have learned since moving to Southern California. Between this plague, the black widows and mountain lions, I'm surprised I've survived this long.

If the trailer didn't hook you, I'd like you to feast your eyes on the coolest movie poster since "Cobra."


  1. Yeah I saw this a while back. It's pretty good, though not a whole lot of gore or action... it's got kind of a Wicker Man vibe to it.

    That poster is the fuckin tits though.

  2. Having just watched SOLOMON KANE (2009) and VALHALLA RISING (2010), both of which being really amazing in different ways, this trailer looks pretty weak to me. I'd super recommend checking out both of those two if you want a richly themed and beautifully visualized dark, mystical and metaphysical medieval movie, and who doesn't!? In this same territory, SIMON MAGUS (1999) looks really promising, but I haven't seen that one yet. All three together would make a great JFD theme show.

  3. You can actually rent the flick on iTunes for about $10 bucks. I may break down and check it out this weekend.


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