hello, brooklyn.

Hey gang, if you're in the BK and aren't busy tomorrow night. Meet me at Legion Bar (790 Metropolitan Avenue) at 8pm for Big Fat Scary Thursday. They're showing Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and I hear there's snacks. There's also a trailer comp cut together by our buddy Matt D. from Forbidden Planet. Look for him on an upcoming episode of the show, if he can narrow down his movie choices.

In the meantime, go drop some coin on this cool, cool book at Forbidden Planet (they stock LunchMeat, too!) I briefly met/sat next to Shade Rupe at the "Vigilante" screening I went to right after I moved here and then promptly forgot about the book (it wasn't out yet) but I picked it up the other day and I can't get enough. If you're a fan of the show/cult film/cult icons/interviews/cool packaging, it'll be right up your alley.

Stay tuned for new Junk and in the meantime, stop in and say hi to Matt and pick up Dark Stars Rising and/or a LunchMeat t-shirt while you're at it.