Vote for JFD (and you'll get free health care!)

Hey. Junk Food Junkies. Despite the fact that Podcast Alley (the world's largest podcast directory) has stopped updating new episodes of shows, they're back to accepting votes for your favorite podcasts. And as such, we need you to go vote for us. Podcast Alley is a great way for people to stumble on us and realize that we are their soulmates. JFD got back into the Top 50 podcasts last month, which made us hosts postpone writing our suicide notes.

So, please take a second and vote for us or write a comment. Or, forget podcast alley and just tell some of your real life friends to listen to the podcast.

We love you.

1. Go Here.
2. Enter your email address and click “Vote now”
3. Then check that email – they will send you a link that must be clicked in order to confirm the vote.

You can also leave us 5-star reviews on iTunes next time you're on there, if you'd be so kind.