Joss Whedon working on Dr. Horrible 2, also something called The Avengers

Joss Whedon's saying that he's ready to ride on Dr. Horrible 2. I'm pretty stoked on this considering I love Whedon and Neil Patrick Harris and the first Dr. Horrible. Here's some quotes and info (and heavy spoilers beyond this point):

“We’ve got several songs near completion and we’ve got a very specific structure.” Whedon said that doing a continuation of his cult webseries is definitely something he “has his heart into,” but it’s all a matter of having enough time:

“We’ve just all got jobs. And it’s not like Neil, Nathan and Felicia ain’t busy either. We get together at Christmas and family occasions, and then play each other our partial songs and go, “Yup, that’s still exactly as it was the last time we played it. We’re great.” It’s bad.”


Felicia Fucking Day is gonna be in this?! I love Felicia Day and all, but what is it about Joss Whedon that he can't let his dead characters stay fucking dead?! Jumpin' Jesus on a pogostick!! Ugh.

Oh, anyway, I guess The Avengers started shooting today, too. So, that's cool. Until we find out that Tony Stark has 3 separate death scenes and 4 different resurrection scenes.