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Something I think is cool is when stuff I like just all comes together. I've had a SoundCloud account for awhile now and have heard a lot of great tunes and met some cool people though something I would not consider to be a garbage social media outlet.

That being said, I was pleased as punch when I found out that Ricky Eat Acid would be putting out a tape through Chill Mega Chill. Not only that, I was equally pleased to learn that in rapid succession, Galapagos would be putting out a tape on this same label! I ordered both tapes right away. Now one discussion we have time and time again on the show is that of the importance of tangible media. These production of these tapes clearly a labor of love. The tapes are painted, the inserts are handwritten and unique, and the jams are solid. A full package deal. They also came with download codes for bonus material (including a Creedence cover from Ricky Eat Acid) so there's no reason not to pick up everything these dudes put out, right?

"But, Maaaaark", you guys are whining, "this is supposed to be about movies."

Well, good news. I had already sent Tripp and Ian (who run the label) a gushy fanboy email about how great I think the stuff they're doing is but I wanted to do more. Luckily for me, Tripp has a cool movie blog about cool movies called A Taste of Blood. I've been going through the catalog and there's some stuff we'll probably need to cover on the show and there's a full set of Friday the XIIIth reviews that Parker will probably be into. Also, that "Feast of Flesh" typeface is the same one on the Project Parlor & Junk Food Dinner presents posters.

Anyway, take the time to make the time and show these guys some love by either buying a tape (Oregon Bike Trails cassingle is ready for pre-order!) or checking out one of the other million things they have going on.

Ricky Eat Acid - Ur My Destiny ~~ from Cool Things I Find on Vimeo.