An embarrassing mistake, a heart-felt apology

On the new episode of JFD that will be coming out this week, I make a reference to liking "Hellraiser III" because there's a scene where Pinhead busts into a night club and takes the entire place out with a flurry of chains and metal and hooks and stuff. I go on to say that this pleased me as a youngster because it was unique to horror/the slasher genre and because 'Freddy never killed a whole bunch of people at once.' This is a terrible mistake on my part. I probably meant to say "Jason never killed a bunch of people at once" because, as we all know Freddy did kill a bunch of people in a flurry of fire and razor claws and puns. In "Nightmare on Elm Street 2," Freddy takes out a whole Pool Party.

I apologize for this momentary lapse in judgement and I never meant to sully Freddy's good name as a total badass who has no qualms about killing everyone at a pool party or a night club.


  1. Dude Jason kills a ton of people at the rave in Freddy Vs Jason, so you don't know what you're talking about. You must have meant to say Forest Gump.

  2. But Jason hadn't killed a whole ton of people when I was a little kid at the time Hellraiser III came out. I was talking about a pre-Hellraiser III world. What was I supposed to say when I saw Hellraiser III? "Oh Man! Pinhead killed a bunch of people at a party! Just like Jason did in a movie that will come out 10 years from now!"

    Also, Forest Gump was in the Vietnam War, so he probably killed a lot of people. I'm thinking perhaps you don't know what YOU'RE talking about.


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